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We are the global business applications’ project marketplace which trying to democratize business applications’ implementation and to unite all global developers, consultants, and other business experts.

Make your own money

Make your own money

With Tounca, you'll build an amazing career(s) and business strategy, wherever you live and provide the best projects to our common clients.

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We take commission only when you get paid. There is no subscription for your membership.

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Only trusted clients. Each request for proposal is analyzed by our teams to guarantee contract quality.

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Your work is secured with deposit from customer. You will be paid immediately after confirmation of the phase.

Frequently asked Questions

  • How to join Tounca if I’m an individual expert?
    On this page choose an ‘Individual expert’ option and register with your email or with the LinkedIn account. After that fill in required information.
  • How to join Tounca if I represent a company?
    On this page choose an ‘Company’ option and register with your email or with the LinkedIn account. After that fill in required information.
  • Will Tounca keep my privacy if I’m already employed and want to work as a freelancer?
    If you are an individual expert, during the process you will be asked if you want to be visible only with your username or with full name, keeping your privacy on the highest level. It depends on you how you want to be visible.
  • Do I need new account if I want to work as a freelancer if my account is connected with my company?
    No. Even if your account relates to your company, you can use the same account as a freelancer. Your company will not see details in your account related with your independent work.
  • Why Tounca needs detailed information about me?
    We need all those details because we need all legal information to have for signing contracts. We must guarantee our clients that you are a real person or company.
  • Why Tounca needs information about my bank account?
    We want to pay you as soon as possible. This is a reason why we need details about your bank account. But we don’t require any password or other security information. Your security is the most important for us.
  • How will I be engaged on projects with Tounca?
    If you are chosen for the project engagement or some other engagement, you will get access to the project’s details on our project management online tool. This is place where you will find all dedicated tasks. If you are part of the team, you will also see other member’s tasks.
  • When will I be paid?
    If you are working on the project, immediately when client confirms that project phase is completed, we will start with the payment process from the client’s security deposit. We recommend reading Engagement and Payments Terms, Pricing and Fees Policy and other terms and policies for the details. If you are engaged per task, you will be paid when this task is confirmed by client. If you are engaged on the monthly level, you will be paid after the end of month.
  • How Tounca guarantees that I’ll be paid?
    Before starting with any phase of work, our clients are paying security deposit in the contracted amount for this phase. We are keeping this deposit on the security account to provide security for you.
  • Do I need to pay something?
    No, you are not expected to pay anything. Your membership is free of charge. How does Tounca make money ? Tounca collects a fee from you only when you are paid. Read details about this in the Pricing and Fees Policy and other terms and policies.
  • How will client choose me for the project?
    Based on the client’s requirements, we will create RFP and we will use these information to collect proposals from many of you. We use AI to find the most fit experts for each of the potential project. Your proposal can be for the whole project or for the project part(s) where will create common offering from the virtual team. We will support our client to choose the best offering for them.
  • What if I’m not experienced in business solutions, but I’m programmer?
    Although this is primarily business software project marketplace, if you are experienced programmer in some other programming languages, we encourage you to register. You can often be engaged for some programming tasks for specific projects of customizations or integrations, but you can also be a part of team for development brand new solution as this is something what clients ask from us.
  • I have experience in daily work with some of solutions. May I work with Tounca?
    Of course, you can. You are maybe accountant experienced in work on specific solution, or you are experienced controller or other operator in some of ERP, CRM, HRM, or other solutions, there are many clients ready to engage you and to outsource part of their job to you.
  • How will Tounca manage projects?
    When you are chosen for the project, Tounca Marketplace Platform will automatically create all tasks, WBS, sprints, or similar where you are added for each of task we agreed. Tounca will track project progress and provide support through the project management tool.
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