Being a Virtual Company

We provide the platform for invoicing and secure payments for you.

Invoice business clients like a company

Invoice clients in almost all countries without having a company and get paid. Save time for your business by ruling out bureaucracy.

Tounca provides additional opportunity and platform only for Individual Expert(s) that provides convenience for both Expert(s) and their Clients in respect of invoices, collections, secure payments, contracts, project management tools, publishing software solutions, and certification over the Tounca Marketplace Platform. This Virtual Company services are related only when you offer your services independently from us in finding and servicing the client.

No fees involved unless you earn

No fees for subscription or maintenance. Start with the business for free and payment is only due once you get paid.

You can start your business without taking care about bureaucracy, reporting, accounting, and other requirements for having a company. You don’t need to invest nothing to start. You just need to find your client and we will help with sending invoices and providing payments for you.

This is not only about invoicing

You can get more and not only invoicing process.

You can use our project management tools, you can resell licenses for solution you want to sell and implement, you can be certified in your solutions, or you can publish your apps on different application stores as a real company.

If you want to publish your apps, it is the best to read about that in details on our ‘Create and Publish an App’ page.

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