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Explain me the flow from idea to the project.

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Find what solution you need

Whichever business solution you need, you can get the full implementation from us. You just need to choose if you need ERP, CRM, HRM, e-commerce or some other solution. Even if you are not sure, you can ask us, and we will conclude together what is applicable and the best in your case. We can find the best fit vendor for you or if you already have preferred one, we can continue together as well. You will decide if you need full project or just simple task (customization, training…), or maybe you need to outsource some service.


Explain detailed requirements to the relevant expert

After first pre-assess selection, our expert will contact you and schedule a brief analysis. With this call we will discuss all your requirements to be sure what you need and to prevent misunderstandings.


Get standardized quotes based on our request for proposal

Based on your inputs, we will prepare request for proposal and standardized quote form. This standardized quote form will provide you comparable quotes from different implementers. With this model you will avoid being confused with different quote types where you will get tricky offered price. Our idea is to have transparent offers and to choose one the most fit with your plans.


You choose what kind of experts you want to cooperate with

You have an opportunity to choose who will work on your project. You can choose some of the certified partners’ companies, an individual expert, or virtual team. Our individual experts are very experienced, certified, and sometimes even awarded experts as MVPs/ACEs in specific areas.

You can choose preferences in languages, country/regional presence, years of experience, certifications, price range… You can choose any combination of expert you like.


You discover the best partners/experts

We will find the most fit partner or expert(s) for you, and we are promising minimum 3 quotes, but our intention is to provide even more quotes and to work together with you to choose the best one.


You receive standardized quotes

As we are providing the same RFP for all potential implementers and standardized quote form, you can easily compare them to get really the best offer. There will not be any tricks with dumping prices and additional unexpected costs later. With standardized quote comparison you can find and compare everything what is important for your project.


You choose implementer (partner/expert/vteam) that suits you

When you finish selection process, you will choose who will provide an implementation of the business solution for you and you will sign contract with us as supervisors and subcontracts with implementor(s). You will not be charged from us for our service! We just want happy and satisfied clients.


You pay the deposit and the project begins

Before we start with the project, you need to pay the deposit. Deposit is related only with one phase as we don’t want to make big investment for you in advance. This deposit stays in our deposit account, and we will pay implementor only after you confirm that this project phase is finished. Until than your deposit is refundable.

Our project is beginning. You will be in daily cooperation with the project team you have chosen. You can track and control the project progress on our online project management tool.


You assess the work

You have an opportunity to provide feedback on a fly and to get the best possible product the most fit with your requirements, but you are someone who will make the final assessment. Without your confirmation, phase or task is not finished. Only after you confirm the phase, implementer will be paid. If project has more phases, we will repeat deposit/start/assessment/confirmation process.


Project is finished

On the end you have to confirm that project is successfully finished, and you will get the final invoice. It is also expected from you to rate our project team members and make some comments. Grades will be publicly visible as we want to provide the best quality to all our clients. If you agree, we will stay in touch.

Don't wait any longer to start with your project

We will help you to collect your requirements and support you throughout offering, evaluation, and project execution phase.

You will not be alone. Our success is your success.

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