Who we are ?

Tounca LLC is an American Limited-Liability Company with headquarters in Dover, Delaware, filed on May 24, 2021. Tounca is a privately held, bootstrapped company, meaning it operates on its own profits without external investors up to date. Company is new but built on strong and long-term expertise. Even so, our plan is to become the global leader in next-generation services.


What we do ?

Project Marketplace

We are providing unique global project marketplace for business solutions. We are the point of connection for all businesses who need some business solution and experts all around the world, both companies and individuals.

Sometimes some businesses see investment in business solutions as highly costly and risky. We are committed to change this point of view and to improve all aspects of implementation of these solutions. On the other side, we want to provide equality between experts and that they are differentiated only based on their knowledge and experience.

Good things can happen when people can cooperate without borders and artificial constraints. Today in digital era, we can change the world together.

Our goals

Democratize Business Solutions

Primary goal for our existing is democratization of Business Software services. We think that every business in the world deserves an opportunity to have and use business solution applicable to their requirements and to be in situation to provide unlimited growth for their business.

We also want to provide better environment for experts all around world to be appreciated based on their knowledge and experience, but not based on where they are located or on some other biases. This is about business, but about global communities as well.

The best from both worlds

We care deeply about your businesses. We want to create better and more honest world for all experts and their clients. Our intention is to have the most satisfy users from both groups, making synergy between good standing business, technology, and our experts’ ingenuity.

Our team

We like tea and coffee, reading, basketball, football, tennis, marathon, triathlon, dogs, cats, healthy food, and much more.

We value active thinking, quality, sincerity, reliability, humility, efficiency, righteousness, and being super helpful.

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