Nondiscrimination Policy

1.      Acknowledgment

Tounca is, at its core, an open community dedicated to bringing the world and different types of experts closer together, sharing knowledge, culture, and experiences among people from all parts of the world, keeping in mind that knowledge has race, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, gender identity, age or any other characteristic and it depends only on a personal knowledge. We want to have people in our virtual community from virtually every country on the globe. Tounca seeks to ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion and striving to provide safe, reliable, and high-quality service options to everyone. It is an incredibly diverse community, drawing together individuals of different cultures, values, and norms.

The Tounca community is committed to building a world where people from every background feel respected. This commitment rests on two foundational principles that apply to all Tounca users: inclusion and respect. Our shared commitment to these principles enables all our users and future users to feel welcome on the Tounca Marketplace Platform no matter who they are, where they come from, how they worship, or whom they love; only what matters is that they want the best implemented business software. Unfortunately, we recognize that some jurisdictions permit, or require, distinctions among individuals based on factors such as national origin, gender, marital status, or sexual orientation, and it does not require from users to violate local laws or take actions that may subject them to legal liability. But even in this cases we want to encourage everyone in our virtual community to be respectful to other users and Tounca will provide additional guidance and adjust this nondiscrimination policy to reflect such permissions and requirements in the jurisdictions where they exist without endangerment other users’ personalities.

We want our Experts and Clients to have communication free from harassment and any kind of discrimination. We are all committed to doing everything we can to help eliminate all forms of unlawful bias, discrimination, and intolerance from our platform. To that end, all of us, Tounca employees and users, agree to read and act in accordance with the following policy to strengthen our community. Any user found to have violated this policy will lose access to the Tounca Marketplace Platform.

1.1       Inclusion

We welcome people of all backgrounds with open minds. Joining Tounca platform, as an Experts or Client, means becoming part of a community of inclusion. Bias, prejudice, racism, and hatred have no place on our platform or in our community. While Users (both Experts and Clients) are required to follow all applicable laws that prohibit discrimination based on such factors as race, religion, national origin, and others listed below, we commit to do more than comply with the minimum requirements established by law.

1.2.      Respect

We are respectful of each other in our interactions and encounters. Tounca appreciates that cultural norms vary around the world and expects users to engage with each other respectfully, even when views may not reflect their beliefs or upbringings. Tounca’s users bring to our community an incredible diversity of background experiences, knowledge, beliefs, and customs. By connecting people from different backgrounds, Tounca fosters greater understanding and appreciation for the common characteristics shared by all human beings and undermines prejudice rooted in misconception, misinformation, or misunderstanding.

2. Combatting hate, harassment, and discrimination

2.1 What we don’t allow

(a) Bullying and harassment: No one should be subjected to unwanted behavior, such as bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, or stalking.

(b) Discriminatory refusal of service: Expert(s) may not refuse service to a Client because the Client belongs to a group or category, like race or religion, as explained in the Section 1. The same applies for Client as Client may not refuse ordering from an Expert because the Expert belongs to a group or category, like race or religion, as explained in the Section 1.

(c) Discriminatory differential treatment: Experts and Clients should not apply different treatment, rules, or behavior to Clients or Experts because of their membership in a protected class.

(d) Dangerous speech: No one should be subjected to language that calls for harm, dehumanizes, or claims an individual is a threat or physical danger to others because that individual belongs to a protected class.

(e) Slurs, hate speech, or derogatory language: No one should be subjected to prejudicial language related to another individual’s membership in a protected class, such as expressions of contempt, disgust, or physical, mental, or moral deficiencies.

(f) Deadnaming or misgendering: Individuals who identify as transgender should not be referred to by their pre-transition name or pronouns if they inform others that they use different one’s post-transition.

(g) Coded language or microaggressions: No one should be targeted with phrases that are deeply rooted societal stereotypes based on membership in a protected class.

(h) Hateful, discriminatory, or offensive images, symbols, or objects: No one should be subjected to images that denigrate a religion or a culture, images that contain derogatory/coded language, or symbols, logos, or slogans tied to extremist or hate groups.

3       Specific Guidance for Users in the United States, European Union, and Canada

Everything mentioned in the Sections 1 and 2 is applicable in these case and this is only extending of some rules. As a general matter, we will familiarize ourselves with all applicable federal, state, and local laws that apply to the business and services we offer or require. Users should contact Tounca Customer Service if they have any questions about their obligations to comply with this Tounca Nondiscrimination Policy. Our U.S., EU, and Canadian users will follow these rules when considering potential engagement as experts or as clients:

3.1       Race, Color, Ethnicity, National Origin, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, or Marital Status

Tounca users may not:

3.2       Gender Identity

Tounca does not assign a gender identity to our users. We consider the gender of individuals to be what they identify and/or designate on their user profiles, and we expect our Tounca community to do the same. This includes respecting the pronouns (he/him, she/her, they/them, etc.) any users within the community identify themselves with.

Tounca users may not:

3.3       Age and Familial Status

Tounca users may not impose any different terms or conditions or decline a proposal or accepted project as experts or as clients based on the User’s age or familial status, where prohibited by law.

3.4       Disability

Tounca users may not:

3.5       Personal or Business Preferences

Tounca clients may:

4       Specific Guidance for Users Outside the United States, European Union, and Canada

Everything mentioned in the Sections 1 and 2 is applicable in these case and this is only extending of some rules. If a local law opposing to our policy, in these cases we do not require users to violate local laws. Clients located in such areas should set out any such restriction in their requirements, so that prospective experts and Tounca are aware of the issue. In communicating any such restrictions, we expect clients to use clear, factual, non-derogatory terms. Slurs and insults have no place on our platform or in our community.

But in all cases Tounca clients may:

5       What happens when a User does not comply with our policies in this area?

If a particular offering or proposal requirement contains language contrary to this nondiscrimination policy, the user will be asked to remove the language and affirm his or her understanding and intent to comply with this policy and its underlying principles. Tounca may also, in its discretion, take steps up to and including suspending the user from the Tounca Marketplace Platform.

If the User improperly rejects other User (in both directions, Clients, and Experts) on the basis of protected class, or uses language demonstrating that his or her actions were motivated by factors prohibited by this policy, Tounca will take steps to enforce this policy, up to and including suspending the User from the platform.

As the Tounca community grows, we will continue to ensure that Tounca’s policies and practices align with our most important goal: To ensure that all users feel respected in all their interactions using the Tounca Marketplace Platform.

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